Company's welfare begins in the the working environment

Do the details make the difference?

At, we are sure that they do; in fact, we are sure that the details ARE the difference

This is why, on the occasion of our move to a new headquarters, we have invested in issues which might appear incidental to our core business, but where in fact our investment can help improve the general quality of life in our buildings.


We want light

We have taken the opportunity to equip the company with a bright new building, indeed a very bright new building. All our facilities are literally bathed in sunshine from the very first hours of daylight.
Light brings vitality, and at the same time, improves productivity.

On the other hand, the impact of such a high level of exposure to sunlight needs to be properly managed to maintain the correct working temperature in the buildings, and render the use of our videoterminals comfortable.

Current thread technology offers us very interesting materials that can reduce the heat transfer to the outside of the building, and at the same time help with light radiation.

La tecnologia dei tessuti migliora gli ambienti di lavoro
Thread technology may improve the working environment


Our water and air are safe!

We engaged an external company specialised in water and air safety and security, Enertech, and thanks to their work, we have cleaned up and certified all the air conditioning units present in our buildings.

This effort, which should really be considered a basic consideration in any working environment, is in reality only carried out by a few companies outside the public-facing sectors (such as hotels, carehomes, restaurants….). Usually, companies do not go any further than the usual regular cleaning of mechanical or active carbon filters used in the radiant elements in their central heating and cooling systems (splits, ventilators etc).

Bacterial load swabs have been also carried out in the end parts of the water fittings to evaluate the condition of the hydraulic plants. The fact that we can scientifically demonstrate that the climate in our buildings is maintained by safe and clean systems is a guarantee that we take seriously, for ourselves and also for the consultants and clients who come to see us each week.

Enertech: specialisti di sanificazione di aria ed acqua
Enertech s.r.l.


Always breathing better

We are particularly concerned with the issue of air quality. We investigated the matter, and decided to further improve our performance in this area by equipping our buildings with active purifiers that can remove both PM10 and PM2.5 particles as well as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

One of the technological choices we have made is that offered by Clairy, which exploits the natural characteristics of a particular range of plant species: these have a proven filtration capacity, and we use them alongside the more traditional HEPA H11 filter-based purification systems.


All of this is monitored and activated via a series of sensors that constantly check and confirm the quality of the air in our buildings.

The equipment that we have installed currently guarantees air purification in nearly 300m² of the total 560m² of our plant. By the end of the year, the system will be able to cover a total of 420m², not including common areas such as the toilet facilities and the server room.

Our objective is to keep the presence of PM2.5 to an average of no more than 5 μg/m³, thus guaranteeing a better working environment in our offices, and a better quality of life and better general health for all our staff.

Clairy: smart plant, smart air purifier.
Clairy: smart plant, smart air purifier.


We have also included some charm

Starting from the beautiful project created by our friends at Tomato+, we have embraced the idea of bringing hydroponic cultures into our company canteen. We decided that the best solution was that offered by Click&Grow: compact, an excellent cost/benefit rapport, easy to use, and with innovative non-earth based capsules to use in the accelerated growth of seeds.

We found the idea of using a few mint leaves, or some taiwanese basil or fresh spicy chilli peppers, in the dishes that each of us brings from home each day entertaining, and it brought out the imagination in each of us.

Click & Grow with Smart soil
Click & Grow with Smart soil

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