Functionality and way of use

ReadMi PDF ™ is a PDF file reader complete with every function and adopted by manufacturers and distributors of high quality mobile devices.

The manufacturers have chosen to install LeggiMi to allow its users to:

  • Read the documentation and manuals quickly and easily
  • Write down and customize the reports generated on their devices
  • Read your collection of books and magazines

The application uses the RadaeePDF SDK , the framework for reading and manipulating PDF files among the fastest and most reliable on the market. Performance is guaranteed very high even on low-performance CPU-based devices.

The main features

  • The interface and user experience can be completely integrated into the host environment by following the manufacturer's guidelines and requests
  • The application can interact with other applications on the device using the native operating system mechanisms, proprietary integration APIs or other methods developed on request
  • Simplicity of use
  • Reliability and robustness even during intensive use
  • Support for multimedia content (movies, images, html5 files)
  • Encryption and security based on AES128 or AES256
  • Multilingual interface (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Arabic and German, other languages ​​available on request)
  • Full support for annotations
  • Full support for devices with e-ink paper displays
LeggiMi PDF su Hilti PD-C Laser meter

LeggiMi PDF su e-book reader

LeggiMi PDF, interfaccia utente
LeggiMi PDF, interfaccia utente

MobileReplica® is an ECM created to improve the way that companies store digital content. Its main features are compliance checking (PDF/A-2, PDF/A-3), full indexing, full access grants management, multi-media support, and optional encrypted distribution for unknown users.

MobileReplica® is a document container and reader for tablets, smartphones and full browsers. The Mobile client is stunningly fast since it is built on our RadaeePDF rendering technology, and the WebClient provides users with complex content without the need to install applications or download files, as all its features and contents are streamed by our server.

With MobileReplica®, you can publish:
  • Your commercial brochures
  • Sales manuals and price lists for your sales representatives
  • Magazines and books for your publishing house
  • Project management documents for projects that your company is running.
  • Manuals and other user information, either produced by your company or by third-party companies, for your machinery and industrial plants.

Features and key strengths

MobileReplica® offers excellent performance while managing large, highly-detailed documents, but its impressive features are not limited to the handling of large files.

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Private Documents

These can be loaded onto tablets in a encrypted form, which means that they are not visible outside the MobileReplica® application and client.

Constant updates

The ECM backend allows you to create, upload, update and maintain different versions of your files both for public and reserved audiences.

Full Indexing

Documents are fully indexed, the full-text-search engine quickly scans the complete archive and users can access result sets in just a few seconds. Even if your archive contains thousands of documents with hundreds of millions of words, MobileReplica®’s Full Indexing feature will help your users to find the right content in a very short time


Users can note, bookmark and jot on each page from the available archive. Notes can then be distributed within your team.

Sales magazines

MobileReplica® supports Apple and Google’s InApp Purchase platform, and offers easy integration with any e-commerce platform.

Proprietary CMS

MobileReplica® offers API-Rest which can be used to take the ECM synchronized with pre-existent CMS or DMS available in your company.

Compliance checking

Loaded files are checked and, when necessary, re-encoded to PDF/A-2 or PDF/A-3. Contents stored in the ECM are always PDF/A compliant.

Multilayered versioning and backup

When you upload new content to MobileReplica®, immediately after having analyzed and encoded it, the platform applies an unique version code and immediately backs it up on a long-term storage platform. Anytime you need to retrieve an old version of your files, you can do so via MobileReplica®’s backend interface.

Indesign direct integration

Is your editorial team working with Indesign? You can use our integration scripts to work with multimedia and interactive content. Some of the supported (not-strictly PDF) content includes:

  • on-line video
  • off-line video
  • external source video (i.e., from YouTube and Vimeo)
  • full screen details and images
  • pop-up images
  • interactive html5-js applications (i.e., data entry application, 3d rendering, etc.)
MobileReplica™ Sales
MobileReplica™ Services

INFINITYPush: to make the company's smartphones and the famous Zucchetti ERP converse.

INFINITYExchange: to make MSExchange and the famous Zucchetti ERP talk.


IoT for a better integration between users and their habitat.

In 2007 we developed the first proximity marketing systems based on Bluetooth 3.0.

Since then, technology and, above all, pervasive network infrastructures have improved: they are faster, more capillary, cheaper.

Today we use BLE , Zigbee , WiFi , LTE according to project needs.
We develop infrastructures based on Raspberry PI, ODroid, Intel Edison.
We write clients for Android , iOS , AndroidWear , WatchOS , AndroidTV , tvOS .

We develop complete systems, from sensor to control application, based on customers' custom specifications.

IoT demo
IoT devices

2008: Bluetooth 3.0 and interactivity with users.