logo Kerakoll
A market leader in the production of solutions and materials for GreeBuilding, Kerakoll has a wide, widespread and heterogeneous commercial network.

The company's "technical marketing" office undertook a software selection procedure that culminated in the choice of MobileReplica ™ .
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logo Italtrade
Italtrade Srl, a company of the Italinvest Group present on the Italian market for over 50 years, has decided to use the MobileReplica ™ Sales product (ex gSales) from Gear.it to renew the organization of its sales force.

MobileReplica ™ Sales , is an app for the collection of orders, with CRM functionality, which can be used on iOS and Android tablets and on any desktop browser (Windows, MacOS, Linux).
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logo Global Eagle
It is a company specialized in providing connectivity, multimedia content and entertainment to the customers of many airlines, naval and passenger transport in general.

GEE has chosen a customized version of LeggiMi ™ from GEAR.it to introduce support to magazines in PDF format on iOS and Android mobile platforms.
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logo DataFlow
It is a market leader in the supply of applications in the ho.re.ca area. and boasts hundreds of installations spread throughout the country and uses MobileReplica ™ for document management on smartphone sales force.
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Hilti PD-C Laser meter
Once again, at the end of 2016, LeggiMi ™ was the solution chosen by leading manufacturers of industrial mobile devices based on the Android operating system.

The platform developed by GEAR.it on the basis of the RadaeePDF SDK is a great combination of compactness, flexibility and performance even on PDAs and smartphones with lower computational capabilities.
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