MobileReplica® is a document container for tablets and smartphones, perfect for publishing and distributing brochures, manuals, catalogues, magazines, videos and tutorials. A software suite that is easy to use, complete and fast.
It can be used to view product catalogues, or technical and training documentation, but it is also extremely useful for staff training programmes. All the documents that a company produces can be sent to your staff and other users to view and use on their tablets and smartphones.

With MobileReplica®, you can publish:
  • Your commercial brochures
  • Sales manuals and price lists for your sales representatives
  • Magazines and books for your publishing house
  • Project management documents for projects that your company is running.
  • Manuals and other user information, either produced by your company or by third-party companies, for your machinery and industrial plants.

Features and key strengths

MobileReplica® offers excellent performance, scrolling, high-quality rendering and highly-detailed images. But none of this leads to excessively-large filesizes.
The core of the programme is’s own proprietary software for the viewing and management of PDF documents, via RadaeePDF mobile platforms. Today, the majority of the similar solutions present on the market are based on the same software platform that supplies to them.
The exchange of information between mobile devices and company servers is encrypted, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology that offers very high levels of security and the possibility to prevent documents being exported.
The encryption of documents eliminates the possibility that they can be stolen via PDF export, and the PDFs remain visible only on the mobile device to which it was legitimately downloaded.

The PDF format, which forms the base of the MobileReplica® technology, is easily the best system for the distribution of structured documents. Its most important features are:

  • Reduced size with no loss of quality
  • Complete preservation of graphics formats, regardless of the viewing programme used
  • Preservation of font sets used in your documents
  • The ability to protect your documents
  • The ability to integrate interactive objects in your documents (such as table of contents, links, attached files etc).
  • Multi-media content and extensions

MobileReplica® also loads and renders visible multi-media content, in particular:

  • Video content in PDF files
  • Stand-alone videos, which can be downloaded as independent content
  • Streaming videos (such as those loaded onto Youtube and Vimeo), from an embedded link inside the PDF file
  • Links to social network widgets (such as Facebook and Twitter etc)
  • Advanced HTML5-Javascript interfaces

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Private Documents

These can be loaded onto tablets in a encrypted form, which means that they are not visible outside the MobileReplica® application.

Constant updates

The WEB interface allows for documents to be loaded and modified whenever you want, and the sending of notification to users.

Full Indexing

Documents are fully indexed, the full-text-search engine quickly scans the complete archive and returns result sets in few seconds.


Users might note, bookmark and jot on each page from the available archive. Notes might be distributed within the team.

Sales magazines

MobileReplica® supports Apple and Google’s InApp Purchase platform, and offers easy integration with any e-commerce platform.

Proprietary CMS

MobileReplica® offers the ability to synchronise your documents with any pre-existing CMS platform.

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