INFINITYExchange: to make MSExchange and the famous Zucchetti ERP talk.

It is the add-on able to synchronize appointments, contacts and business columns on Infinity Zucchetti and Microsoft Exchange in an automatic and bidirectional way.

Relevant features

  • It is exclusively server-side and does not require any clients on the devices
  • Integrates personal and company address book support
  • It allows you to create appointments with your collaborators and colleagues
  • It allows to exploit the groupware features on PC / Mac and mobile devices managed directly by Microsoft Exchange

InfinityExchange is available as an add-on in source and executable versions

What is Infinity Zucchetti?

Infinity Zucchetti is the software suite of the Zucchetti group for the company that wants to manage with a single tool, in an integrated and strategic way, all business processes: logistics, warehouse, purchasing, accounting, administration, production, marketing, sales, post- sales, human resources, occupational safety.

Infinity Zucchetti

Infinity Zucchetti offers a new way of working focused on sharing, collaboration, communication, participation and real-time management of business problems.