INFINITYPush: to make the company's smartphones and the famous Zucchetti ERP converse.

It is the add-on able to integrate contacts and company agendas on the mobile devices of employees and collaborators.

Relevant features

  • INFINITYPush is based on industrial standards
  • It is exclusively server-side and does not require any clients on the devices
  • It is wireless and operates in push mode
  • Integrates personal and company address book support
  • It allows you to create appointments with your collaborators and colleagues
  • Service mode

InfinityPush is available in two versions

  • hosting: it is the plug and play mode, economic, scalable and ready to use
  • script: scripts and executables for Linux x86 platform to be installed on a preconfigured server (recommended Debian / Ubuntu / CentOS).

Compatible devices

All mobile phones, smartphones and tablets that support Microsoft's ActiveSync protocol can be used.

What is Infinity Zucchetti?

Infinity Zucchetti is the software suite of the Zucchetti group for the company that wants to manage with a single tool, in an integrated and strategic way, all business processes: logistics, warehouse, purchasing, accounting, administration, production, marketing, sales, post- sales, human resources, occupational safety.

Infinity Zucchetti

Infinity Zucchetti offers a new way of working focused on sharing, collaboration, communication, participation and real-time management of business problems.